Dumps and Cash out

Carding is a worldwide thing at the moment, and learning about the whole thing has brought you here. You are definitely at the right stop.

If you want to duplicate a real card and let that card to be used as the real one, Dumps make that possible.

They are used by carders to clone cards and these cloned cards are then used as the original.

The magnetic strip on the back of a card contains several information and data belonging to an account. This information is what a dump is.

If by virtue of circumstance, someone else gets his hands on such information obtained from the magnetic strip of a cc, he automatically has unhindered access to the owners account and the money in it.

And these dumps are not really that hard to come by. They can be gotten by skimming or hacking. Anytime someone makes payment with a card, there is a little chance that their information can be stolen.

What are tracks?

So you constantly hear about tracks right and can’t figure out what it is.

Well, tracks are usually found in dumps. They are three in number and if information is found in any one of these tracks then that card can be used for transactions.

Track 1: Contains the holder name. Carders can use this information to make matching IDs. Tracks are written in codes and you have it in formats like; B4577490081187272^SHORT/MIKE P ^ P 1307101000000023000100000414000000.

START SENTINEL = 1 character,

Format Code = Single character, financial cards format code is B

Primary Account Number (PAN) = usually the card number.

Field Separator = ^

Expiry Date = format [ YY/MM ]

Service Code = 3 characters

Discretionary Data = may contain Verification key, CVV.

End Sentinel = 1 character.

Service Code –> This is a 3 digit code present at Tracks 1 and 2. Each code has its meaning and knowing this can help to interpret if this card can be used or not.

The magnetic strip is important to carders because it contains all the information that is useful to access the account operated by that card. Carders can use a machine called Magnetic Strip Reader-Writer to rewrite the data on a clone and use that as the original.

Carders use the MSR or a compromised POS to get this data and access cardholder’s account in a very profitable adventure.

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